Books on the Sharing Economy

by unstash team on April 12, 2012

books on sharing and collaborative consumption

Some good reads on Collaborative Consumption & the Sharing Economy that have helped shape our team

The Story of Stuff
– You’ve probably seen the video that went viral several years ago, but the book has some fantastic content connecting the materials economy to our consumption and why it all matters.

What’s Mine Is Yours
The groundbreaking book on the collaborative consumption movement. It details a fairly global perspective of the economic & social shifts surrounding the sharing movement. Website

The Sharing Solution
– Practical resources, particularly from a legal perspective, on getting started personally in the sharing economy. Website

The 100 Thing Challenge
– One man’s personal journey on living with less stuff. Website

The Mesh
– Great compilation of businesses and social ventures that are creating a better future through sharing. Website

A couple others not in the photo:

Share or Die – A collection of voices on the front lines of our generation from our friends at shareable

All That We Share – Exploring things that belong to all of us

You can find just about all of these are available as ebooks or in your local library as well.

Let us know if you’ve got other good reads!


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