Home Exchange: Sharing makes the world smaller

by Lucy on June 4, 2013

While at OuiShare Fest, I met many entrepreneurs from variety of startups/companies, from small organizations to larger incumbents like Airbnb. Throughout the next few weeks I’ll be featuring some of these collcons organizations. Here’s a company involved in home swapping — Knok.

“Knok is one of the many companies that has joined the collaborative consumption movement and offers a platform where members from different parts of the world can find each other and agree on a home exchange for their vacations. With Knok, members can meet families from all over the world and decide to swap each other’s homes for a short period of time and save up to thousands of dollars. With home exchange, families can enjoy the space and the amenities of a home rather than a hotel room, ¬†experience a city like a true local, and soak in a new culture and make friends with locals. The concept of home swapping truly makes the world smaller not only because you get to stay in a comfortable home in a new country, but also because you create new friendships with your home exchange partners leading you to have a network of friends from all over the world.”

intercambio de casas - knok - paris

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