Recap: Global Sharing Day

by Lucy on November 22, 2012

Last Wednesday was the first ever Global Sharing Day, a day aimed at raising awareness about collaborative consumption and the sharing economy, an economy estimated to be worth £310 billion, around $490 billion CAD.

Sharing is innate within us — we shared when we were kids and we teach it to our kids. It makes intrinsic sense — why pay for something when you can get it for free? At what point did we lose this concept as adults? Collaborative consumption organizations, business and groups like Unstash are all about the “revival of sharing for the smartphone generation,” as defined by #collcons spokesperson Rachel Botsman.

Why share?

Save money | Sharing allows us to save money and even make money by lending/renting out our stuff/space/knowledge/skills.

Create less waste | Our planet has finite resources and a growing population — sharing allows us to consume in a more sustainable way, reducing environmental degradation.

Build community | Sharing has the intrinsic benefit of bringing people together, as it can only take place between two or more people. It’s a great way to deepen relationships with friends and family, as well as create contact points for starting new relationships.

Increase happiness | We’re strengthening our relationships, saving money and learning more from the new people we meet and the experiences we share. Sharing is an experience that is fun, enjoyable and a great way to enhance our lives.

* Click to enlarge. Infographic from official Global Sharing Day website

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